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In Arizona for a little bit and shipping out postcards for @rosetownepostcardclub this week!
„Copy & Paste“ - North Rhine Westphalia, Germany 🏠 Just transferred some old hard drives and noticed that I never posted any photo from here 😳 I wonder how many people already knocked on the wrong door...😅 . . . Note: this shot was entirely edited with one of my new winter presets. Go check them out if you haven't done so yet (link‘s in my bio) and don't forget to use the hashtag #MDPfeature for a chance to be featured. ✌🏻 Btw my new calendar 2019 is out now🎄 📆
Had a blast skiing with @dawnbradleyhair and @nickacoates the other day at @mtnorquay. Did you know that you don't have to ski to enjoy the Cliff House bistro, the mountain actually has a sightseeing ticket ($30), so you can go right to the top and take in these views for yourself!
The red capes are coming
Bridge of Sighs. 📷: @_enk Located in Venice, Italy📍🇮🇹 #artsytecture
🗻 本日は写真展の最終日です 終日在廊する予定です Today is the last day of my photo exhibition I will stay today 11:00〜19:00 銀座SONYイメージングギャラリー https://www.sony.co.jp/united/imaging/gallery/
Sunset drives by @alec_basanec
・ 見晴らしの良いリビング。 ・ 落ち着いたウッディモダンな空間です♪ ・ 『 032熱海Oさんの家 』#アトリエ137一級建築士事務所 ・ **************************************** オシャレなタイルがいっぱい! タイル通販サイト @tilelife.co.jp もご覧ください♪ **************************************** ・ ・ #リビング #living #モダンテイスト #新築一戸建て #ハウスノート #housenote #家づくり #家づくり記録 #マイホーム #マイホーム計画 #マイホーム計画中 #住宅設計 #住宅デザイン #住宅建築 #住まい #住まいづくり #建築家 #工務店 #インテリアデザイン #内装 #戸建 #新築 #フローリング #薪ストーブ
It was an absolutely amazing moment I will never forget. My buddy yelling "tornado!!" and me turning around quickly from the spindrift I was shooting to confront the only snow whirlwind I have ever shot. It was definitely the rarest photograph of my entire career. Shot on Divide Mountain in Montana. Winds that morning gusted to hurricane force and the whirlwind (not a real tornado) is caused by airflow bending around the mountain wall at competing angles. Hope you enjoy.
El 2018 lo despedimos con un viaje a Asturias, aquí van un par de fotos de Bruma y yo disfrutando de la costa asturiana. Cada viaje por allí descubrimos lugares nuevos que nos encantan, a este nos llevó nuestro gran amigo @egea1987. Y si el viaje es en nuestro #SubaruXV mejor, así disfrutamos también del camino! Pronto estaremos otra vez en ruta, esta vez toca montaña!! 🚙🐶🏔 @subarues #SubaruOffRoaders #Subaru
DENVER / NORTHEARN COLORADO: Back in May 2018, I photographed Charger/Boogie in Vegas. She was at risk at the shelter as she was deteriorating rapidly in the kennel. Thanks to the urgent post and everyone rallying for her, Charger was pulled by a rescue in Colorado, renamed Boogie, and started a new chapter with @moemoesrescue. Ever since, I have been keeping an eye on her, hoping she would get adopted, but she is still waiting. I just received more updated info about her from the rescue. Please, consider tagging Denver / Northern CO friends! Saving a dog from a high intake shelter is great, but it means nothing if that dog spends years waiting for a home. We need to take Boogie all the way home! Boogie has been going through training ever since the rescue pulled her. The trainer is actually fostering her, so you know she is nailing all the good stuff! Boogie’s only setback is that she needs to be the only child at home. At about 5 years old, Boogie loves people, toys, and is the happiest when she can just cuddle and hang out with her person. Her ideal adopter is someone laid back who has a yard she can play in, and loves to Netflix and Chill with their doggie. Because Boogie guards toys with other dogs (not with humans though), she is recommended as an only pet at home and isn’t recommended for families with children either. Boogie doesn’t ask for much, just a cozy laid back home, a yard where she can play, occasional walks and adventures (she cannot do long strenuous walks due to mild arthritis). So perhaps a retired couple? Look at that face!! All she wants is to love you! Unfortunately, all the apps Boogie has received are from people who aren’t local, and Boogie is only available in the Denver area or northern CO because she will be required to continue the work she started with her foster/trainer. Please share and tag anyone you know in Denver! Let’s make this happen for her! For more info, please visit https://moemoesrescue.com. . #photographysaveslives #adoptdontshop #dogrescue #boogie #dogphotography #dogsmile
Finally getting done some editing to show you pictures from all my trips in the past. Currently I‘m really struggling to find the time for this stuff. I guess one blocker for me is also that I‘m trying to get used to lightroom and finding my own tones and style for this... I‘ll get there eventually 😁 Happy sunday to all of you guys! #lübeck #luebeck #hansestadtlübeck #unescoworldheritage #allthealleys #germanvision